Natural Pools

Photo Courtesy Landforms

Natural Pools are being embraced by more and more people who want to reduce the use of pool chemicals in favour of a more natural filtering process of their pool water. The incredible effects that can be achieved through use of natural building materials can result in what amounts to a stylized billabong in your own backyard.

The water still needs some filtration beyond the natural process to maintain a clear water pool and this means a variable speed pump and two outlets in the pools for suction safety.

Add the Davbroz SafeTSuction ROCKET and you have a third outlet that can be used safely to attach a hand held or automatic pool cleaner. This can be situated in the pool or placed discretely in the garden as the ROCKET will work IN or OUT of water.

Photo Courtesy Landforms
Photo Courtesy Landforms

“We use Davbroz SafeTSuctions on all of our natural projects as
it provides a safe and effective suction point on our filtration
system that does not have a conventional skimmer box suction
Julien Roy