Fiberglass Pools

Davbroz have developed an adapter for the SafeTSuction ROCKET to suit fiberglass/composite pools and ponds.

Our research and development has shown that while ideally suited to pools that can’t use a skimmer eg Wet Deck pools, the combination of SafeTSuction ROCKET and a skimmer box gives great benefits to the pool owner.

  1. A safe, dedicated cleaner connection that operates on the common flow line to the pump.
  2. The skimmer can continue to draw an amount of surface water while the cleaner is operating. Therefore you will be filtering both the top and bottom of your pool concurrently while also cleaning yet using no more power/energy.
  3. The cleaner connection acts as a valve so that it takes only one person to set up the vacuuming of the pool and regulate the suction at the connection point.