Commercial Pools

Commercial Pools require products that go above and beyond normal safety standards for good reason.

Suction safety is paramount as swimmers in commercial pools are oblivious to any dangers that they cannot see.

SafeTSuction ROCKET can be placed along the common flow line to facilitate safe and efficient cleaning in the largest of pools and water features.

The UL Mark ensures this product meets the highest standards of compliance worldwide.

Avoid the laborious cleaning operation illustrated 


“For us the functionality of your product with one valve change a single person can set up the vacuuming of the pool and then regulate the suction to the vacuum head by adjusting the positioning of the hose insert into the body of the unit. It also allows us on a new pool build to get the filtration system running well before the pool is full because we can run the suction through the lower outlets and the main drain at the same time. Many of the pools we deal with here are using ground water that is mineralized. We can use the chlorine to precipitate the minerals out while we are filling the pool and then run the filtration system to filter those precipitate particles out of the water.”

John Arbidans

General Manager